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Proven Methods to Optimize Click-Through Rates with Responsive Search Ads

Every click on your ad will cost you money. The cumulative numbers of clicks your ads get decide the budget you have to plan. An increase in clicks will naturally increase traffic volume to your business website. Now, the question is how many of them are getting converted into potential marketing leads and sales.

The conversion ratio depends on the type of visitors who click on your ads. They may belong to potential, new, wandering, discount, or need-based categories. Your aim is to prioritize them based on their conversion probability and buying potential. But how will you decide who they are and show the ads accordingly? Responsive Search Ads are the right channels for achieving your goals.

Responsive Search Ads – What are They

Responsive Search Ads are created after extensive research on the users’ behavior, clicking pattern, browsing history, product preferences, and other demographic data. They are far better than the trial and error methods used in conventional ad-design and development. They focus on your specific target audiences.

Multiple-Headlines:   Headline is the key point of attraction in an advertisement.  The users feel an incorrigible urge to click on the ad after just glancing at the headline. Obviously, it has to attract the subconscious mind of the user.

Responsive search ads use multiple headlines. They are designed to match the most relevant search criteria. Extensive research and in-depth analysis make them the most appealing text.

Multiple-Descriptions: Short descriptions of the ad tell the users about product quality and utility. They can relate their target goals with the descriptions specifically. Having multiple descriptions can increase the probability of matching.

Search-Visibility: Making your ads visible to the most potential target audience is the key to maximum website traffic. It can also increase the ratio between clicks and conversions. The cost per click will also reduce considerably. Hence, you can afford to display your ads in more number of search engine result pages than before.

The maximum number of target audiences will be able to see your ads on desktops and mobile phones. Responsive search ads can be localized or globalized depending on your specific needs. It is also possible to filter out all the non-potential searches from seeing your ads. It is one way of reducing casual clicks which will only result in more traffic and no business.

Responsive Search Ads – Potential Benefits

Flexible: Flexibility in ads gives more room for target audience coverage. They can relate their needs and wants with your ads closely than ever before. Search engines like Google can interpret every word and phrase in your ad accurately with the search phrases.

Permutation and combination with multiple relevant searches increase with time. You can update your ads consistently to reach the number of potential audiences regularly. The result is a growth in your marketing lead base.

Visionary:  responsive search ads are created with a vision to cover your target audiences for today and the future. Long-term planning and designing will go a long way in promoting business growth from the stage of the startup into an entrepreneurship.

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