When it comes to having a property inspected most of the time home buyers and sellers only have the structure inspected.  That will include things like the foundation, roof along with plumbing and electrical but most of the time they overlook looking for mold or testing for radon in the building.  Having radon or mold are both dangerous to your health and need to be removed immediately and both can be living in your home without you knowing they are there.  Home Inspections Edmonton has state of the art equipment that will detect the presence of mold and radon.

Radon Testing

After cigarette smoking, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canadians.  Radon gas is both odorless and colorless and it is common all across the country.  When small amounts of naturally occurring uranium decay beneath the soil it produces radon gas.  This radon gas seep into your house through very tiny cracks in your foundation.  Radon will collect in your home and having a well-insulated home can be the very thing that helps radon build up in your home.

It is fairly easy to mitigate radon in your home and you don’t have to spend a small fortune doing so.  However you first need to know it is there, having us test your property for radon can help you decide what to do next.

Mold Testing

You will find mold in every home but that isn’t necessarily a problem.  If the mold inside has the same number and types of  spores as naturally occurring molds outside that is a normal and you don’t need to worry.  But, when you find unusually high levels of mold or a different species of mold then you have problems.  Mold in the home is generally caused when you have excess moisture.  This is one of the reasons that mold in the basement is so common.

When Home Inspectors Calgary comes into your home to test for mold, we take swabs and test the air quality in your home as well.  Swabs are only used when we find visible examples of mold.  The swab is sent off to a lab where the type of mold is identified.  Swabs won’t tell you how much mold is in your home.  Air testing will help determine if there is unseen mold and the quantities.  We analyze a sample of air to determine the number of spores and that we compare with the mold levels outside of the home.