As a realtor you more than anyone understand the importance of a professionally done and thorough home inspection.  In your career you may have had to deal with an angry phone call or two when a buyer discovers problems with the home they just bought.  A thorough home inspection helps everyone involved in the transaction including you.  It gives the buyers the peace of mind they want knowing they made a sound purchase.  For sellers that have opted to have an inspection done it can help them sell that much faster.  You, as a realtor can appreciate a hassle free smooth transaction where post-closing problems don’t rear their ugly heads, costing everyone time and money.

Benefits of a Home Inspection

Eases Buyer Concerns

Unless your client is buying a newly constructed home, they are going to have concerns about the property.  Home Inspection Edmonton is there to help you set their mind at ease, we can show them any potential problems with the home and arm them with the knowledge to make a sound buying decision.

Faster Sales

A thorough home inspection lets you price the home accordingly, that in turn gives you a better chance of closing the deal and selling the house.


As a realtor you understand how real estate transactions can go horribly wrong and the ensuing court cases that can happen.  Home Inspectors Edmonton carries comprehensive insurance policies to protect you when you recommend our services.  We have you covered with indemnification coverage that includes general liability along with coverage for errors and omissions.  We can help make sure that any real estate transaction is above board and all parties are informed about the condition of the property.

Credibility for Real Estate Agents

Having a licensed and insured home inspection team on your side will help boost your credibility as an expert in your field.  You can tell your clients, both buyers and sellers that you have their best interests at heart.

Faster Turn Around Time

A house that sits on the market for months doesn’t help anyone.  It’s not good for you nor is it good for the seller.  With a clear understanding of the home’s condition it can be priced to move.  Whether the seller chooses to make repairs or it’s sold as a “fixer-upper” you can reduce the time it spends on the market.

Less Time Negotiating

When everyone involved has a clear understanding of the condition of the property and it is priced accordingly then there are fewer objections from the buyer, no more sending offers back and forth for weeks at a time.